Keep track of your vehicles without spying on your clients with the ScienceAppsFleet Observation and Localization Organizer (FOLO). Download now here for free.


As an event manager or a project leader, download and install the windows desktop application from the download page and install it. After installation you can register through that application. The application is only available for download on our website. Don’t trust any external links. After you have successfully registered and activated your account, you can take full advantage of the windows desktop application.

As a tracked user you need to download and install the android-application from the google appstore. The android app is only presented on the google appstore. Don’t trust any other links. In the application you can register for a project, after having successfully signed in and activated your account. Ask your event manager or project leader for the project code to register as a tracked user for their project. As a tracked user, YOU decide if and when to share your position with the project leader.

About us

Keep track of your fleet and stay in touch with your fleet’s clients. Whether for a sporting event or as a leader of a tour group or for your fleet, whether for individuals, small businesses, large companies, small and large public institutions, organizations, clubs or associations, whether for short-term projects or for permanent projects, no matter whether for land, water, air or on foot for vehicles, people or animals, the Fleet Observation and Localization Organizer (FOLO) from ScienceApps keeps track of your fleet.

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